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Home Learning

Director's Letter to Parents and Carers

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 



Bryn Celyn Primary School – Home learning Guidance


Welcome to the Learning at Home where you will find information and guidance on the how to access continued learning and support for both pupils and parents.


Daily Routine

Despite the fact that it can be difficult, we urge all parents to set a daily timetable for your children. It is important that time slots for schoolwork are clearly defined, as well as breaks, snacks, and times with/without mobile phones.


Routines are important and help give children a sense of security and control over their environment. During these exceptional circumstances, the following suggested timetable may support you as parents in maintaining normality and keeping your children focused and busy!


Before 9 am

Wake up

Eat breakfast, get washed and dressed. Make your bed


(9.00- Joe Wicks PE)

Learning Time (Literacy)

Follow learning plans (school website, Hwb and Google Education)


Fresh Air Time

Play in the garden, go for a walk, ride your bike or scooter




10.30 – 11.00

Chore Time

Help around the house (fold washing, do dishes) your parents are sure to have a long list!


Learning Time (Maths)

Follow learning plans (school website, Hwb and Google Education)


Creative Time

Cook or bake with an adult, arts and crafts, draw, paint or lego





Reading Time

Read a book, magazine or with another child in your house. A link to books on the website


Fresh Air Time

Play in the garden, go for a walk, ride your bike or scooter


Learning Time

Follow learning plans (school website, Hwb and Google Education)


Quiet Time

Complete a puzzle, read a book with an adult.



Please note – This is just a suggested guide. The timings and activities on the plan will need to be adapted to suit the age of the child, the facilities available at home and your own commitments. 


Advice and Support from School Staff

If your child is worried about something, remember that they can contact their class teacher. They can e-mail staff directly (using their teacher's Hwb email or alternatively using ) Teachers will respond when they have the opportunity.

Staff will also be busy providing work online so that your children can continue their education from home.  

In addition to working in other schools, all staff members are working very hard to support pupils and their continued learning away from the school environment.


Distance Learning Plans

Work for pupils has been placed online and distance learning for pupils has already begun. Using Google Education  via their Hwb accounts, pupils can join classrooms and complete work set by their class teachers.


To help your child with learning you may find the following websites useful:   User name march20  password home

Joe Wicks is going to become the nation’s P.E teacher. Keep your children active with these short home sessions. Starting Monday 23rd March at 9:00 a.m.

This link will take you to a reading scheme called 'The Oxford Reading Tree' we do not follow this scheme, but your child will know the colour book band they are on, so please select books from there to read at home with your child.

To access the resources on this website and keep your child learning at home please enter the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS to set up your free month of Twinkl Unlimited.

Welsh games and challenges for 5-7 year olds.

Welsh games featuring some of our favourite CBeebies characters

A range of mathematical online games covering a range of maths topics

Spelling zone- why not brush up on your spelling skills?

BBC Bitesize will be bringing you daily content that supports your school learning.

Use your school password details and take on the maths challenge


Visit for lots of speech and language resources, advice and tips for parents working at home with their children who have SLCN.

Listen to David Walliams reading a set of short stories- a new one every day!

Maths, spelling and grammar chalenges (use your school login to access these)








During the current situation your children will undoubtedly be spending more time indoors and as a consequence probably on devices. They may be accessing various websites whilst playing their favourite game or completing schoolwork set by their teacher. When in school they follow a code of conduct which includes guidance on how to be safe when online, please read over the statements in the image with your child to help them to remember to keep safe online at home. Thankyou.

Science to try at home


Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions and answers, should you need any further advice then contact us.


When I try to access my classroom in Google for Education it tells me the class code is incorrect?


  1. Check that you do have the correct class code.

  2. Are you logged into any other GMail accounts on the device? If so ensure you log out of them as you cannot be logged into another GMail account and access Google Classroom.


When I log into HWB on an iPad I cannot access any of the Google applications?


On an iPad you need to download the Apps for the Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.


I have logged into HWB and cannot see Office 365?


If it is the first time you have logged in then just log out and back in again and the icon will appear.


When I log into J2E via my iPad I cannot use it the same as I can on my computer?


For use on an Apple device (iPad, iMac etc) you need to install the J2Launch app which is free from the App Store.


How do I upload documents onto Google Drive?


Log into Hwb and navigate to the Drive application in G Suite for Education.

  1. Click + New (in the left hand panel) > File upload.

  2. Select the file and click Open.

Alternatively you can simply click and drag files from your computer into Drive to upload them.


When I try to log into Hwb it tells me incorrect username or password?


The naming convention for login is : surname, followed by initial letter of forename and then possibly a number. Check you the username matches this style to ensure you have it been issued it correctly.


 I have two children and when one of them logs out of Hwb and my other child logs in on the same device they see their siblings Google Classroom not their own?


Once they have finished working in Google Classroom they need to ensure they log out of correctly.

To do this they need to click on the their initial letter which is located in the top right of the screen, this then opens with their login details and the option at the bottom is to 'Sign out', if they do this then when the next user signs in they are able to log into their own Google Classroom.