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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Your class teacher is  Mrs. Wilson.

Mrs Camilleri teaches Year 5 every Wednesday.

Please remember to have your P.E kit in school with you every Wednesday.

Take a look at what we are covering this term.

Parent Guide to accessing Hwb from home

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Student View Google Classroom - Basic Intro

Google Classroom is a collaboration tool for teachers and pupils. Your teacher will create an online classroom and invite your child to the class or sent a code out via School. As well as using Google Classroom to complete tasks within school –we will create and assign homework tasks via Google Classroom too! Your child has their own username and password - they can access Google Classroom via the internet on any device. This video is basic introduction to the Student's View of Google Classroom.


It is vitally important that your child attends school every day in order to achieve their full potenital.  If for any reason your child is absent, please notify school straight awayImage result for attendance quotes for school

Blwyddyn 5 Spring Term 2020



Class teacher:Mrs Wilson/Mrs Camilleri

Teaching assistant:  Mrs McLaughlin & Mrs Jones


Class:  Year 5

School begins at 8:55 a.m. Children are ready to learn at 9:00a.m.

Children who are late lose valuable learning time and often find it difficult to catch up.


Important reminder:  Please remember to inform Mrs Fairbrother of any change to your address, home telephone number, mobile number or any other contact information.

Please remember:


Tuck money to be paid for the week.







Mrs Camilleri will teach the children all day today.

Big Maths CLIC test

Pupils must have their PE kits today.





Spelling test today and new spellings issued. Homework wallet home tonight. Home reading books in for changing. Home Reading Books Issued.


                                               Spring Term

Languages, Literacy and Communication

Yn Saesneg we will be:

  • Conducting our own research and using it to write a fact file.
  • Writing adventure stories of being shipwrecked.
  • Writing persuasive letters about the plastic in our seas and oceans
  • A range of novels and texts will be taught through our daily SFA sessions.
  • Spelling Test every Friday

Mathematics and Numeracy

Yn mathemateg we will be:

  • Developing our written methods for multiplication and division.
  • Using division to find fractions of large amounts
  • Rehearsing our column subtraction and extending onto larger/more difficult numbers.
  • Revisiting weight and capacity
  • Big Maths CLIC test every Wednesday Morning

Science and Technology

Forces and Motion

Yn Gwyddoniaeth we will be:

  • Researching the solar system and present their findings to the class.
  • measuring our shadows and creating a line graph to represent our results.
  • Research and compare the length of day and year on earth and compare with other planets



Through our Context for Learning we will be:
  • Looking at the water cycle and using different ways to present our understanding
  • identifying the forces in the ocean
  • looking at ocean food chains





Our Ocean Planet.

Yn Blwyddyn 5 we will be:

  • Identifying and locating UK Marine Landmarks and seas
  • Researching and exploring the layers of the sea and the marine habitats they provide
  • Identifying UK marine life
  • Researching and interpreting data how we use the sea in thkie UK
  • Looking at World oceans
  • Comparing the Arctic to Cardiff
  • Researching the Indian Ocean and producing a classification key
  • Researching the ocean and plastic



Yn Gymraeg we will be:

  • Learning about 'Amser' / Time
  • Playing games to introduce/revise language patterns
  • reading welsh books about time
  • Creating story boards for iMovie/green screen/ stop motion
  • Hot seating one another
  • Singing songs related to time

Health and Wellbeing

  • Making a pledge of how we can save the ocean
Expressive Arts:

Yn Celfddydau mynegiannol we will be:

  • Creating pictures of marine life using pastels
  • Using instruments to create ocean/ under the sea music

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