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Bryn CelynPrimary School

Dream. Believe. Achieve.


Mission Statement

Dream. Believe. Achieve.


All our School Community – Staff, Governors and children share a common aim which is to provide all of our children with the opportunity to grow educationally, socially, morally and physically; in fact in every way that is necessary for him or her to develop into a well balanced person well prepared to cope with life as an adult.


In Bryn Celyn we know that every child is special and unique. Our aim is that every pupil achieves their maximum potential. Every member of staff whether a teacher or not, is part of the team. Every parent is encouraged to work with us in partnership. We want all of our children to respect each other and people in society, regardless of colour, creed, religion, gender or disability. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all of our pupils.


We think of you and ourselves as part of a team in what we are trying to do and hope that any problems which may be met during your child’s time at Bryn Celyn can be discussed together and a solution found. We hope that both you and your child will be happy here. We operate an ‘open door’ policy, so if there is anything that you would like to know, please come in and ask.



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