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1. Letter Sounds

 Letter Sounds



Letter Rhyme Writing cues
Set 1  
m is for mountain From the man go down, climb one mountain then the other.
a is for apple Around the apple and down the leaf
s is for snake Left around, right around from head to tail.
d is for dinosaur Around his back then head to toe
t is for tower Down the tower then lift and cross

Set 2

i is for insect crawling up my shorts Down the insect lift and dot.
n is for net From head to toe and over the net
p is for parrot From head to tail and right around the parrot
g is for girl Around the girl, down her plait and curl
o is for octopus all wriggly and wet. From the top of the head and all around the octopus
Set 3  
c is for caterpillar  
k is for kangaroo From head to toe, arm up, kick up
u is for umbrella keep you dry in a shower  
r is for rabbit hopping on the green  
b is for bat and ball  
f is for flower - what a lovely scent Down the flower and across the leaves
h is for horse From head to toe and over his back.
Set 4  
z is for zebra  
w is for worm  
j is for   
v is for vulture  
y is for yoyo  
q is yoyo  
x is for xray  



  1. Start by saying the sounds out loud.
  2. Name things that begin with each sound? man, mouse, mat...ant, ax....
  3. Can you draw a picture of something beginning with each letter?
  4. Write the letters. Use the rhymes to help you.
  5. Play Alphabet I spy
  6. Cbeebies: Guess the sounds
  7. Play Phoneme POP
  8. Play Phonics Bloom